5 Classic Fairy Tales You Can Only Enjoy in the Winter

Are you looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit? Maybe reading some of your favorite fairy tales can do the trick! In this article, we’re going to take a look at five classic fairy tales that are perfect to read when the weather is dreary and outlook is dismal. Not only will you be getting into the holiday spirit, but you’ll be learning something new as well!

“The Snow Queen”

When it’s cold outside, reading about a queen who can turn into a snowstorm is the perfect way to take your mind off of the weather. In “The Snow Queen,” the queen is not afraid to use her power to do what she wants, even if it means hurting those she loves. The characters in “The Snow Queen” are often forced to stay inside due to the cold weather, but they don’t let that stop them from having fun. The setting in “The Snow Queen” is unique and beautiful, making it an excellent read when the weather outside is bleak. “The Snow Queen” is a story full of adventure, mystery, and magic- making it a perfect read for winter nights.


The Main Character in “Cinderella” is a young girl named Cinderella. She is the daughter of a poor stepfamily who are expected to work on the family farm all day. However, her stepsisters can’t wait to get their hands on everything that Cinderella has. So, they make her do all the household chores while they lounge around and have fun. One day, as Cinderella is cleaning the fireplace, she finds a glass slipper. When she puts it on, she magically transforms into a beautiful woman. The wicked stepsisters can’t believe their eyes, so they decide to kill Cinderella and make themselves look like the most beautiful women in the kingdom. But luckily, the Prince comes to the castle and sees Cinderella in her true form. He falls in love with her and helps her to find her way back home. In the end, Cinderella is able to live a happy life with her true love.

“Sleeping Beauty”

When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she has no idea what to expect. She’s been misshapen by the Queen’s magic and can’t leave the castle. Her prince must try very hard to win her heart, before the clock strikes twelve. Finally, when everything seems lost, Sleeping Beauty is saved by the kiss of a true love.

“The Wild Hunt”

When the weather outside is bleak and outlook is dismal, it can be easy to lose hope. However, reading this fairy tale can help you stay positive. Even in the darkest of times, there are always hope and potential for redemption. This story teaches us that even in the face of danger, we must keep our courage up. It’s important to remember that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always someone who will help us find our way back home. This fairy tale encourages us to never give up on ourselves and to always fight for what we believe in.

“The Christmas Story”

There are many different versions of “The Christmas Story”, but the most common one tells the story of a man named Santa Claus. One night, while he was traveling through the sky on his sleigh, he came across a young girl named Mary who was trying to gather wood for her family’s Christmas fire.

Santa told her that he would bring her a present if she placed it under the tree Christmas morning. Mary was so excited to receive a present that she set to work right away. When she got to her house, she found that her little brother had stolen all of the presents. Disappointed, she went to put the presents under the tree – only to find that they were gone.

However, when she looked closer, she saw that a tiny bird had dropped a package off the roof of the house. Inside of the package were three little dolls – one for each of her siblings. Miraculously, all of her siblings had been kind enough to get her something special for Christmas.

Mary was so grateful to Santa that she agreed to help him deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. This became an annual tradition for the Claus family – and one that they cherished every year.

In the cold months, fairy tales can be enjoyed in a whole new way! Here are five classic fairy tales that are perfect to read when the weather is dreary and outlook is dismal. These tales will take you on an imaginative journey and transport you to a world of dreams and romance. Be sure to read them during the winter months!

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